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Sanyo RP 1250

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1 Sanyo RP 1250 on Sun Apr 07, 2013 1:20 pm

So I bought one and the volume control was fairly noisy at turn on. I stopped by radio shack and bought a can of contact cleaner / lube. This is one of the simplist radios I've ever seen....... The battery cover which is the whole back just pops off, the circuit board is held in place with clips, just pops right out, but need to be careful so as not to crack the case. Volume knob is held to the shaft with a small slotted screw, and under the knob is a plastic cover that is semi clear. I used a utility knife to carefully remove it and the volume control internals are easily exposed. Shot the lube in, reassembled and the thing works like a brand new unit. sunny

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